Sara Barros
Young Professionals Subcommittee Chair
IEEE Young Professionals / Events organization & Budget planning workshop / Q&A session
Jan Verveckken
Secretary of Operating Committee
Region 8 Insights / Work place interactions: lessons from improvisational acting workshop / Q&A session
Inês Inácio
Region Student Representative
IEEE Student Activities / Events organization & Budget planning / Q&A session
Maciej Borówka
Member of the EPICS-in-IEEE Committee
IEEE EPICS workshop
Piotr Graca
Awards & Recognition Subcommittee member
IEEE Awards
Onur Karmis
IEEE Day 2017 Regional Lead - Europe
IEEE Day 2017
Volodymyr Strohush
Co-owner of several IT companies, an independent external consultant for IT
Life hacks from the digital world workshop
Mike Gorodetskyy
Project management (Agile)