Luftronix makes precision navigation systems for UAVs to be used for fully autonomous flights without GPS.

Lviv, Naukova 7g


Lviv IT School is a unique educational project that aims at helping people realize their potential in IT. Over the past four years we successfully launched hundreds of groups in such areas as Data Science, Code, QA, Business Development & Business Analysis, HR, Project Management, UI / UX and the children’s line – LITS4kids.Therefore, we may undoubtedly state that being participants of such a valuable and extremely significant event is a role, which can’t be overestimated.

In 2013, the school won the All-Ukrainian Award “The Best Professional in IT Education (Ukrainian IT Awards)”. As part of the IT Jam “Meet & Mix!”, held on March 21, 2015, Lviv IT School won the IT Education Awards 2015 “From passion to action” in the “The most innovative educational program” nomination. Co-organizer of the largest event – “Lviv IT Arena”.


Sergiy Babich – Renderwald, or do not mess with trees when living in the forest

Technical review of how browser parses and renders page, how it maintain all dependencies between sources and how it treat page during it`s lifecycle

Lviv, Academic Sakharov Str. 37

Techno community, a universal workshop and a production space, operates on the principle of hackerspace.
We create equipment, mechanisms and structures, decorative and engineering. We make interior elements, decorations for events, embodying the ideas of object design.
Lviv, Zavodska 31